Claims to Fame

Some of our projects done for celebrity clients.

Actor Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas is best known for his roles as Henry Rowengartner in "Rookie of the Year", Walt Disney in "Walt Before Mickey", Kevin Myers in the "American Pie" film series, and Calvin Fuller in "A Kid in King Arthur's Court".


LEGO Masters contestant Jessica Ewud (ragzyart)


LEGO Masters contestant Jermaine (BX Brix)


LEGO Masters contestant Mel Brown (Iceberg Bricks)


Gerald Okamura

Born in Hilo, Hawaii in 1940. Gerald started Martial Arts with Judo in 1953. He has practiced Kendo, Aikido, Taekwondo, and he is currently a 5th degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo. Gerald is a designer of various types of weaponry that have been featured in dozens of movies and publications across the world. A veteran actor with over 45 years in the entertainment industry, Gerald Okamura ( played an assortment of characters ranging from Yakuza, to Vampires, to Elvis Impersonators.



Former Major League Baseball player Jamey Carroll


Former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion Donald Driver.

Not only did we make him custom minifigures, but also a LEGO replica of Lambeau Field!



Professional race car driver Ryan Eversley


Professional Major League Baseball players Russell Martin and Jose Bautista


Actor Geoffrey Cantor who played Mitchell Ellison on Netflix' "Daredevil" and "The Punisher"


Here is a clip and screen shot from the NFL Films Production "A Football Life: The Immaculate Reception".

It features our custom Franco Harris minifig (at the :14 mark) making the historical catch! 


Here's a video of The #AskGaryVee Show featuring a custom built LEGO set (complete with custom minifigs of Gary and all of his video assistants) that we were asked to make to commemorate his 100th episode! 

**forward to the 6:20 mark**